Principal's Message for February 2016

. StuartDevoted readers of our newsletter will know that we bid farewell to Mr. Andrew Michalski and to Ms. Michele Dowsley, who retired, and to Ms. Asia Zolnierczyk, Ms. Siobhain Broekhoven, and Billy Garland, who are moving on to other assignments with our Board. We wish to thank them for their contributions to the Holy Cross community over the past semester.

Congratulations go out to the Memorial donors, organizers, coaches and players who raised $7500 on behalf of cancer research. It was a great day of athletics and community engagement. Holy Cross has supported cancer research over the years and that kind of commitment depends upon the work of a great team of contributors to make it all happen. In particular, I'd like to single out our Athletic Director, Mr. Dzierniejko, who leads the charge from the Holy Cross side. Well done once again this year. Please read the article in this newsletter about Sami Jo Small, who is our Parents Reaching Out Grant speaker this year. She will be at Holy Cross on February 16th, talking to our students in the morning, feeder school students in the afternoon, and parents at 7:00. It's going to be an interesting night and a great opportunity to strike up a conversation with your Crusader.

In second semester, our staff will be continuing to work on three main initiatives as outlined in our School Improvement Plan. In the area of Discipleship, we are emphasizing community outreach through acts of mercy. For Scholarship, we are exploring 'student inquiry' as a way to increase engagement. For Stewardship, we are providing opportunities for students to show responsible citizenship. It is our hope you see these efforts in the everyday activities at our school.

Ian Stuart, Principal

Vice Principal - Paul Melim

The Algonquin Lakeshore Catholic District School Board has the admirable distinction of retaining many of its graduates as support, teaching, and administrative staff.  As a graduate of Regiopolis-Notre Dame, Mr. Melim went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts, Honours and a Bachelor Education from Queen’s University before beginning his teaching and administration career in secondary with another school board in Southern Ontario.  After 12 years away from Kingston, he returned home taking a position as the Principal of St. Mary Catholic School in Trenton for the past five years.  

It is with enthusiasm that he returns to the secondary panel.  Mr. Melim looks forward to fully participating in the development of the Holy Cross student’s mental and spiritual growth before they move into their post-secondary lives.  “I feel it is a tremendous opportunity to help students become active and responsible participants in their school, community, and faith.  I look forward to being a part of the Holy Cross community”.

Have a good year.


Ms. GallantVice Principal - Ms. Wendy Gallant

“Blessed are the Peacemakers”, is a wonderful theme for our school year. The goal of ‘peace’ will offer us many opportunities to grow together and to make a difference. Most recently, during the Thanksgiving Food Drive, our students and staff donated approximately 2100 kilograms of non-perishable food to the local Food Bank, which has seen a 15% increase in demand this year. Holy Cross exceeded last year’s donation and we extend a heartfelt thank you to all who contributed through your generosity and efforts. In the near future, there are numerous opportunities for students and staff to share and spread our peace. Our staff continues to gather and deliver weekly donations to the St. Vincent de Paul Society. These types of initiatives allow all people in our community to feel valued, and to have the dignity and peace they require.

During the 2014-2015 school year, we turn our attention to Pope Francis, who stands as a remarkable role model for peace in our world. Let us follow him and lead a life of humility, show concern for the poor and build relationships among peoples of various backgrounds and faiths. Together, we make every day meaningful for ourselves and others.