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Students are to wear the Holy Cross uniform at all times during the school day, including the lunch hour and during spare periods. Uniforms are available for purchase online through McCarthy Uniforms, our uniform supplier. Link to McCarthy Uniforms website
In addition,​ Holy Cross School Council operates a gently used uniform sale at the start of each school year. 
The uniform has several functions: safety, convenience, cost and community.
  • Visitors to Holy Cross are readily identifiable to staff, enhancing security in our building.
  • Students essentially have one wardrobe decision to make in the mornings.
  • The cost to families over time for clothing is reduced.
  • The uniform ta​kes into account comfort and equity.
  • Students in uniform have chosen to be part of a community of equals.
HC green golf shirts can be worn with the HC pants, kilt, or shorts. Shorts are still restricted to the spring uniform later in the year. We hope this increases comfort level and available options, while maintaining the high standards and consistency a uniform embodies.
The fall and winter uniform is in effect every year from September to June:
Girls: solid grey Holy Cross dress pants or the Holy Cross kilt with black tights. White Holy Cross crested blouse or green golf shirt.
Boys: solid grey Holy Cross dress pants; white Holy Cross crested dress shirt with school tie or green golf shirt.
Optional: School crested vest, pull over, zippered sweater or cardigan.
Footwear: no boots, no slides, no flip-flops, sturdy and comfortable casual dress shoes should be worn.
Students may wear a black long-sleeved shirt underneath the golf shirt, if needed.
The spring uniform option is in effect from May until the end of June. The shirts and shorts described below must be worn together. Students are not to mix with the fall uniform.
Unisex: green school crested golf shirt and tan knee length Holy Cross crested walking shorts.
Footwear: deck shoes, running shoes, sandals are permitted.
Students may wear a black long-sleeved shirt underneath the golf shirt, if needed.
Students are deemed to be out of uniform if they do not have one or more components, including footwear, or, if they have accessorized the uniform excessively, including wearing any form of headgear, hood or hat. A student unable to correct an issue is out of uniform and will be issued a warning for a first offence and this will be noted in Maplewood, our data collection system.
If a student receives a second warning for being out of uniform, it will be noted in Maplewood and a study hall will be issued and parents will be contacted. If a student receives a third warning, parents will be contacted and the student will be either sent home to correct the problem or sent to the main office to complete their schoolwork for the day.
Support is provided to students throughout this process through the main office. Should there be needs, they will be addressed separately and not pursued as an issue requiring discipline. Nothing is more important than having students in class, learning. However, persistent and willful violations of the Holy Cross uniform policy will be interpreted as an unwillingness, on the part of parents and/or students, to join our school community, and may result in exclusion from school.
 As always, common sense will prevail in the application of discipline as it relates to the school uniform. Communication between students and staff is paramount and will almost always result in a satisfactory resolution of any issue related to uniform. Your support for the policy and cooperation in ensuring it succeeds in keeping our school safe, convenient, cost effective and unified is appreciated.
Non-uniform days are also governed by a dress code that requires students to refrain from wearing immodest, revealing clothing and/or clothing with inappropriate design/language promoting drugs, alcohol, or sex. Changing clothes in the halls is not permitted.